Ask Truman #6


Truman Lapp

Ask Truman is Lasso writer Truman’s advice column.

Truman Lapp, Video/Broadcast Editor

Hey guys. I’m Truman. They gave me an advice column.  

People sent a lot of good questions via the Ask Truman Google Form, and the @LassoMeridian Instagram story, so I did my best to answer all of them.

What is your opinion on croc heels? – Pending Lawsuit

After careful consideration, I don’t think I have enough knowledge of the concept to give a fully formed opinion. That being said, I am not a fan. 100 percent not a fan. Never bring this up to me again, please.

When you go to Syracuse will you go to women’s lacrosse games? Their team is ranked in the top five in the country! -Lacrosse Lover

Hi, Lacrosse Lover. One of the regrets I have about my time at Meridian is that I didn’t spend more time watching school sports. With that in mind, I’ll definitely fully take advantage of the many different sporting events Syracuse has to offer. After reading your question, I will add women’s lacrosse to the list. Thanks for the tip!

Do you have a favorite enzyme? -Brick House Core

Hey there, Brick House Core! After entering “types of enzymes and what they do” into Google, I’ve decided that Ligases are my personal favorite. I just love the way that they catalyze the formation of chemical bonds. Really great stuff.

I have a friendship problem, and the problem isn’t that I can’t make friends. The problem is whenever I make friends, I can’t get close. It always feels like there’s a wall between me and other people, like I’m disconnected all the time. I look at my friends and I feel like I barely know them, and they barely know me. I cry over it once a week usually, although it’s been getting worse. I find myself crying in public because I look around and most other people seem to belong. How can I resolve this problem? -Lonely

Dear Lonely, 

Sorry to hear you’ve been having trouble making friends. One of the lessons I’ve learned throughout my time in high school is that usually the only thing stopping you from feeling like you belong is yourself. It seems like your current social situation is really hurting your mental health. If that’s the case, take action! Try putting yourself out there and seeing if there’s some new people or even new friends that you could meet. One of my favorite things about Meridian is how many purely kind and decent people you can find walking around the halls. I am confident that if you look around and explore your options, the school won’t feel as lonely as it did before.

Hello Truman! I am a freshman at Meridian and started reading The Lasso this year. I have absolutely loved many of the articles (including some of yours) and it got me thinking about how incredible of a publication it is. I was wondering what you are most going to miss about The Lasso next year when you go to college. Thank you Truman for always putting a smile on my face when I read your articles, and I wish you good luck next year at ‘Cuse! – A True Intellect  

Hi there. Thanks so much for your interest in The Lasso! We always love to hear from a fan. To answer your question, I think what I’ll miss most about our school newspaper is how supportive and friendly everyone was towards me and my ideas. My favorite thing about The Lasso is how it gives its members a chance to find out what interests them in ways that no other class does. Without this newspaper, I would never have started making videos and realized what I wanted to do with my life. I may be a little biased, but I honestly could not recommend our school’s journalism course any more. It was one of the best parts of high school.

Thanks so much to everyone who sent in questions, and I’m sorry if I didn’t get to yours. Sadly, as my senior year draws to a close, this is likely my last entry in the “Ask Truman” series. Thank you all for reading my articles and watching my silly videos. Make sure to keep reading The Lasso, and good luck with whatever life throws your way. I’m rooting for you.

Until next time.