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One year after Parkland: We remember, we adapt

The school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida was one year ago. The day after the horrific events, there was a moment of silence. Students around the country organized walk-outs that March. But a year later, so much more has happened: Falls Church has redesigned its response to school shootings, our new high school will include safety features to protect against shootings, Mason students have founded a chapter of Students Demand Action, and, in the meantime, 1,200 more children have been killed by gun violence.

Lasso writers have explored these angles and more in stories featured below. Click on a story below to learn more.

The First 12 Minutes: surviving school shootings
Mason plans for updated security in new school
So what is the School Resource Officer Program anyway?
Finding the stories behind the statistics

Students Demand Action pen letter to students

The below letter was written by members of the Students Demand Action Committee and GMHS Administration sent to the student body.  In Falls Church City Public Schools, school safety is essential to all stakeholders - Students, Administrators, Teachers, Staff, Parents, and the Community. Currently, we are trained to go into lockdown if something happens in our school. However, incidents over the la...

Student opinions of First 12 Minutes

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