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Music Dump Friday: Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, and more

Victor Kidwell, Features Editor December 15, 2023

Next time I update this column will be in 2024, which is terrifying to think about. Instead of the customary New Year’s resolutions that most people go with, I like to retreat into some of my old favorites....

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For the Record: “New Blue Sun”

Victor Kidwell, Features Editor December 5, 2023

André 3000, one-half of the 2000s rap duo OutKast, is back—but this time, with a fully-instrumental flute album. “New Blue Sun” released on November 17, and I have to say: I didn’t anticipate...

Music dump Friday: Goodbye Quarter 1

Music dump Friday: Goodbye Quarter 1

Victor Kidwell, Features Editor November 3, 2023

Quarter one is over, and so is Halloween. Just in case you were wondering, I forgot to get a Halloween costume, so I went as a mummy. Be ready for a spooky Music Dump Friday, because I may have missed...

Collage of the album covers included in this article. (photo via Spotify)

Music Dump Friday #2: Post-Hoco funk

Victor Kidwell, Features Editor October 20, 2023

It seems like fall is passing by so quickly—September’s already gone, Homecoming just happened, and Halloween’s coming up… it’s definitely important to live in the moment and make sure to take...

Collage of album covers from the music dump, via Spotify.

For the Record’s Music Dump Friday: “The Sound of Settling”

Victor Kidwell, Features Editor September 15, 2023

Some For the Record history for you all—back when my predecessor Audrey Morrison was running things, she used to keep up a biweekly “Music Dump Friday” where she would let readers know what she was...

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For the record: We’re so back!

Victor Kidwell, Features Editor August 30, 2023

Hi, Lasso readers! Can you feel it? There’s a slight breeze in the air, and everyone else in the city is boarding themselves up in their houses to avoid the post-dismissal rush at three thirty…...

A compilation of albums included in this playlist. (Photo via Spotify)

For the Record: Study music

Victor Kidwell, Features Editor May 24, 2023

As June approaches, students find themselves in the final long haul to summer break. As high school students, we often juggle multiple classes, extracurricular activities, and social obligations. With...

Check out the playlist embedded below to listen to our top picks! (Photo via Spotify)

For the record: Ten more love songs

Victor Kidwell, Features Editor February 14, 2023

2 years ago, past column writer Audrey Morrison wrote the article The best love songs of all time, and this year, I thought I should throw in my two cents. So, whether you’re alone this Valentine’s...

At the closing of each year, The Lasso compiles various lists of that years various top events and productions. This year, you can browse The Lassos Top 12 Albums, News Events, Pop Culture Moments, and Lasso Articles of 2022.

Top 12 albums of 2022

Victor Kidwell, Features Editor December 19, 2022

1.  “CAPRISONGS” by FKA Twigs Elysian. Ambrosial. Heavenly. Experimental pop musician FKA Twigs is the It-girl, and on this album she proves it. Hip-hop meshes with hyperpop, drill, club music,...

A complete indie holiday playlist for anyone searching for a unique but winter-y feel. Find the playlist at the bottom of this article. (Photo via Spotify)

For the Record: A very indie holiday mix

Victor Kidwell, Features Editor December 8, 2022

Are you looking for a fresh selection of holiday music? Whether you’re a veteran indie music-lover or you’ve grown tired of the traditional holiday tracks, The Lasso has you covered. In this edition...

For the Record: New albums of autumn

For the Record: New albums of autumn

Victor Kidwell, Features Editor December 5, 2022

As fall winds to a close and December hits, it’s important to look back and see what we may have missed. This autumn went by so fast, so here is a quick recap for those of you that may have lost track...


For the Record: Albums released in October

Victor Kidwell, Features Editor October 28, 2022

Happy end-of-October Lasso readers! I hope that you all are getting into the spirit of this spooky month. With Halloween coming up, I’m sure the average reader is looking for a soundtrack for the days...

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