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For the Record: End of summer albums

For the Record: End of summer albums

Victor Kidwell, Staff Writer September 23, 2022

As the summer ends and school starts again, it’s important to find a fitting soundtrack for this transitory time. There’s the excitement of summer fading away, but there isn’t the cozy feeling of...

Album cover of “Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You” via Rate Your Music

February album favorites, ranked

Victor Kidwell, Staff Writer March 7, 2022

It’s about the end of February and the music world is in full swing. I’m not sure what it is, but there’s always a bit of a new music drought in January, so it’s nice to see we’re coming out...

For the Record: Top 11 albums of 2021

For the Record: Top 11 albums of 2021

Audrey Morrison, Features Editor January 24, 2022

11. "An Evening With Silk Sonic" - Silk Sonic The newly-minted pop, soul, and R&B power duo, Silk Sonic, released their first LP as of 2021. With the rise of retro-style radio hits and as something...

Music Dump Friday: Secular Holiday Music

Music Dump Friday: Secular Holiday Music

Audrey Morrison, Features Editor December 3, 2021

As winter beckons, I suspect that The Lasso will be overwrought and overrun with Christmas-themed features. I also suspect that I will be taking part in these festivities, but for the time being, I’d...

Thanks to those who tuned in for our coverage of Red (Taylors Version). Its been an emotional few days! (Graphic by Eva Williams)

For The Record: Taylor Swift’s “Red” (From The Vault)

Audrey Morrison, Features Editor November 17, 2021

Red (Taylor's Version) was released less than a week ago, and song lyrics, theories, and thoughts are rapidly through the minds of many on The Lasso staff. Keep checking our website -- we have lots of...

Installment 6 of Music Dump Friday: Friday, September 24, 2021.

Music Dump Friday: Grime & Drill

Audrey Morrison, Features Editor September 24, 2021

Check in with For the Record each week for Audrey's music recommendations and reviews.  Over the weekend, I started watching the webseries “Chicken Shop Date” with English comedian/youtuber...

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For the Record Music Dump Friday: Psychedelic Rock

Audrey Morrison, Features Editor May 21, 2021

For this week’s dump I’m gonna be talking about a super fun genre: psychedelic rock. Psych rock was born from the resurgence of 1960s counterculture in Britain and America and was sustained by hippies...

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For the Record: Zayn’s ‘Nobody is Listening’

Audrey Morrison, Features Editor March 21, 2021

Most of us know that Zayn’s 3rd album: Nobody is Listening, was recently released on January 15, 2021. But that’s the extent of the conversation circling it has been about. Even my most die-hard,...

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For the Record: Black voices in music and literature

Audrey Morrison and Eva Williams March 14, 2021

Although Black History Month ended this past February, the amplification of Black voices and art should continue throughout the year. We’ve put together five novels and five albums by Black artists...

Music Dump Friday: Music for plants

Music Dump Friday: Music for plants

Audrey Morrison, Features Editor March 5, 2021

This week has been tough. Adjusting to hybrid learning, a new sleep schedule, a heaping workload, dwindling social energy. It’s been a lot. As a result, I’ve been falling into a lot of therapeutic,...

For the Record: The best love songs of all time

For the Record: The best love songs of all time

Audrey Morrison, Features Editor March 2, 2021

In this installment of music column For the Record, Lasso Writer Audrey Morrison gives her top 10 love songs of all time.  10. "Crash Into Me" - Dave Matthews Band I am just such a sucker for...

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For the Record: Music dump Friday – Shoegaze

Audrey Morrison, Features Editor February 13, 2021

This week I’m talking about the highly contested genre: shoegaze. You either love it or you hate it. Or you don’t know about it. If you fall into this category let me give you a brief history.  While...

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