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Now Showing: “Barbie” vs. “Oppenheimer”

Ben Behr and Samantha Gabrl September 20, 2023

"Barbie" and "Oppenheimer" were the biggest movies of the summer... but the time-old question is, which one was better? Lasso staff reporters Ben Behr and Sam Gabrl argue about which one was the true movie...

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Now Showing: “The Power of the Dog” movie review

Ben Saito Barwig December 14, 2021

Returning from a 12-year hiatus, Jane Campion, director of “The Piano” and a pioneering force for female voices in Hollywood, delivers an insightful dive back a century and into ranch family dynamics...

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“Spencer” movie review: Kristen Stewart rediscovers Princess Diana

Ben Saito Barwig November 13, 2021

The biopic is one of cinema’s most delicate genres. Bringing a figure with historical or cultural significance to the big screen is no easy task. It takes more than just a recounting of events in their...

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“Dune” movie review: the experience you’ve been waiting for

Ben Saito Barwig November 3, 2021

It has been a few hours since I saw “Dune” on the big screen, and yet it feels as though I still haven’t left its world. The smoldering heat of the desert. The shade of House Atreides’ towering...

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“Squid Game” review: Revealing the playground rules of the modern world

Ben Saito Barwig October 29, 2021

In Hwang Dong-hyuk’s “Squid Game,” you are presented with a simple challenge. Survive an assortment of children’s games in order to win a cash prize. Outlive 455 other players, and you can walk...

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Cinderella 2021: a disappointing spin on a classic fairy tale

Abby Crespin, Editor-in-Chief October 25, 2021

Last month, Amazon Prime Video released a 2021 adaptation of Cinderella, which told the story of a girl named Ella. With the help of her fairy godmother, Ella used a prince’s ball as an opportunity to...

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“Malignant” movie review: “Aquaman” director James Wan returns to horror roots

Ben Saito Barwig September 27, 2021

Fresh off the box office success of “Aquaman”, James Wan produces and directs a wildly original concept that, while taking a while to get its footing, challenges the limits of mainstream horror...

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