Editorial: The definitive best Halloween candy


The Lasso Editors could not agree on the best candy to get for trick-or-treating. And so, they argue passionately for their favorite. Vote in our poll to help settle the debate.

Fernanda (Editor-in-Chief): Whatever the moment, a small bag of peanut M&Ms is great for helping you stave off hunger cravings by leaving you feeling fuller longer. Additionally, peanut M&Ms can be a great snack to enjoy whenever you crave sweet chocolate and the crunch of candy and peanuts.

Erin (Editor-in-Chief): Left or right, it doesn’t matter. Twix is the perfect combination of crunchy biscuits and gooey caramel, coated with a layer of delicious milk chocolate. This classic candy guarantees bliss the second you bite into it.

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Colter (Managing Editor):It’s Halloween night and your search for Milk Duds begins. Your desire to feel the weight of five perfectly formed golden globules of caramel fall into your palm is insatiable. Coated in a thin but potent sweet milk chocolate sheath that contrasts the salty nature of chewy caramel, it’s all you can think about and all you should think about on Halloween night.

Sam (Sports Editor):York Peppermint Patties are by far the superior Halloween candy. They are the perfect blend of mint and chocolate. They have the certain amount of sweetness. They leave the perfect taste in your mouth. There is no candy like York Peppermint Patties. Anyone else who says otherwise is flat-out wrong and doesn’t deserve Halloween.

Sequoia (Features Editor): The best Halloween candy is Swedish Fish, without a doubt. I appreciate the controversy of what exactly their flavor is – cherry? Strawberry? Raspberry? Although, even better than regular Swedish Fish is off-brand Swedish Fish from Trader Joe’s (Scandinavian Swimmers!)

Sarah (Features Editor): Chocolate bars are a Halloween staple but you can get them at pretty much every house. Skittles on the other hand can be found at maybe two houses a block. What makes Skittles the best Halloween candy is not it’s taste but is rarity. Not only do Skittles undeniably have a great taste but it’s the excitement you get when you go to a house that provides them. Finding a loose Skittle bag in a bowl of mini chocolate bars is an undeniable thrill. I’m certain that this love for Skittles is shared by the average trick or treater because it is easily the first candy to run out at all houses that offer them.

Anna (News Editor): If you have any sense, you would choose chocolate candy like Reeses over hard candy like Smarties (You could break your teeth eating Smarties!). Reeses is by far the best Halloween candy out there.

Mr. Laub (Adviser): Reese’s Pieces are Reese’s perfect. I could eat 2 maybe 3 boxes before feeling sick. Even then, I just feel happy. You like M&Ms, sure, they’re fine. They are chocolate and available. But Reese’s – you go out of your way for that. E.T. knows what’s up.