Matters of the Heart: Edition 3

Abby Crespin and Molly Moore

matters of the heart
Welcome to Matters of the Heart, The Lasso’s love advice column. (Eva Williams)

Students! We received word of your crushes and how your heart aches for that fellow Mustang in your French class. So, we have composed the answers to your LOVE-ly questions on this Valentine’s Day edition of Matter of the Heart! Enjoy! <3 

How do I get over someone who doesn’t like me back?

This one is so tough but distance and time are most important. It will be difficult at first, but once you accept that you need to get over them, and decide to be disciplined, change will come naturally. Remember that feelings ebb and flow, but everything will work out how it’s meant to. 

My best friend and I have been close for a long time and I have never gotten the courage to tell him how I feel. What should I do?

Unless you truly think you can get over him, tell him how you feel. It is far better to be honest and face rejection than to live your life hung up on a possibility. Our teenage years are the perfect time to explore feelings and learn how to cope with rejection. Live your life with no regrets, you got this. 

I’m talking to this guy who has a girlfriend. I really like him and I don’t know what to do. What do you recommend? 

Attempting to start a relationship with someone who’s taken is a lose-lose situation. Meddling in a relationship is not fair to the people in it and to yourself. If the guy is willing to flirt with you or cheat on his girlfriend, odds are he’ll do the same to you. Either accept the fact that you need to wait or work to get over him. 

I think I like my best friend. What do I do because I love him so much but I’m straight? 

It sounds like you need to do some self-exploration before pursuing a relationship. Sexuality can be complicated and feelings are confusing so it’s best to understand what you want before taking risks with a friendship. 

Why are boys such jerks?

We’ve been wondering the same thing.