Meet the SCA Executive Board candidates


Isabel Costa

SCA Executive Board candidates prepare for the forum.

Isabel Costa, Managing Editor

On Friday, May 6 during Block 8, the Student Council Association hosted a candidates’ forum to introduce the 10 students running for its Executive Board. The forum was hosted by junior Rex Crespin and included questions about what differentiates each candidate, how they will learn from previous Executive Boards, and what changes they each plan to bring. If you missed the forum, you can watch the recording here. The election will be held during Block 8 on May 16.

Meet the candidates:

Annabel Barbour – Barbour is a rising junior whose main goal as an SCA member is to plan more exciting events for students, as well as increase communication between students and their elected representatives. She has also served as a class council officer.

Bethany Michael – Michael is also a rising sophomore who has participated in several panels, including a Black history panel, and is interested in encouraging diversity if she is elected. Her platform includes allowing for international nights, more student panels, and a religious prayer room. 

Chloe Calabrese – Calabrese is a rising senior who was a class officer for two years and served on the Executive Board for one. She has also been on the SCA Wellness Committee and intends to continue its work, as well as creating a better system for student feedback. 

Emma Roncoroni – Roncoroni is a rising senior who has served as the junior class secretary. She wants to further the relationship between the community and the schools with events, such as Cherry Hill movie nights, dances, and service projects. 

Erin Tarpgaard – Tarpgaard is another rising senior who was a member of class council for one year and has been on Exec Board for two years. Along with her years of experience, Tarpgaard hopes to implement changes that make Meridian feel like a home to all students. 

Jay Humphreys – Humphreys is a rising senior and he is the only boy running for Exec Board. He described himself as very school-spirited, something he hopes to bring to other students through spirit days, communication, and SCA publications. 

Julia Wolf – Wolf is a rising junior who hopes to help make Meridian welcoming for all, especially to incoming new students and freshmen. She is also interested in bringing more school spirit to the student body. 

Molly Mostow – Mostow is a rising sophomore who was on her class council for this past year. She campaigned for more student involvement in SCA decisions and intends to establish “town halls” and forums for students to offer input. 

Stella Turner – Turner is a rising senior who has participated in the SCA wellness committees as well as the student-admin team. She has been a member of The Lasso since her freshman year and aims to bring her skills of leadership and communication with her to the Exec Board. 

Susan Rotherham – Rotherham is a rising junior who has participated in class council. She intends to represent the diversity in the school as well as work to create projects for students to help reduce the carbon footprint at the school.