A definitive review of every Bakeshop cookie

Everett Johnson, Staff Reporter


Bakeshop, located on 100 E Fairfax St. (Photo by Everett Johnson)

Just three years after its opening in the Spring of 2019, Bakeshop has been established as a Falls Church institution with excellent cookies, cakes, and cupcakes. After going at least weekly for months, I decided to review every bakeshop cookie. Here’s where they stand.


PB Pillow 

This cookie is too bitter. The sweet peanut buttery taste we all know and love has disappeared and been replaced with a dry sticky feel in your mouth. Not at all appealing. 3.7/10 


Salty Oatmeal Apricot

This is a solid oatmeal cookie but unlike the blueberry oatmeal cookie the apricot here doesn’t add anything. The textures and flavors mix strangely and leave a peculiar taste in your mouth 4.6/10


Chocolate Crunch 

Heartier than your average chocolate chip cookie with browned butter, this cookie is delicious and familiar. With the perfect amount of chocolate chips so the taste of cocoa isn’t too overloading. However the cookie can be a bit dry and dusty at times. 5.1/10



A sweet soft sugar cookie this cookie does everything it’s supposed to. The only shortcomings I have are that the cookie is too flat and not pillowy enough. However this cookie gets the job done and is often a go to for me. 5.4/10


Bakeshop has a plentiful selection of cookies. (Photo by Everett Johnson)

Oatey Chocolate Chunk 

For something labeled as oatey this cookie is lacking in the department. However the saltiness to sweetness ratio is perfect and the chocolate isn’t too overwhelming. 6.4/10 


Peanut Butter Cookie

Salty, Soft and Light. The peanut butter flavor is ever present but never intrusive. Unlike the peanut butter pillow cookie. It’s soft and scrumptious and doesn’t feel like too heavy of a snack. The cookie can dry out your mouth and be granular in texture though so it’s good to have with a glass of milk. 6.5/10



A twist on your average sugar cookie with crunchy rainbow sprinkles on top this cookie is great for getting your pride on. Reminiscent of a birthday cake this cookie hits the spot. 6.6/10 


Chocolate Chunk 

Exactly what you’re looking for in a chocolate chip cookie. Slightly salty dough balanced by sweet chocolate and a soft mouth feel. 6.6/10 


Everything Cookie 

A wondrous blend of, well everything. This cookie has the best texture there is. With pecans and corn flakes providing a crunch and the soft oatmeal and chocolate providing sweetness. This cookie feels as good as it tastes. It’s a bit on the nutty side and unfortunately the consistency can be quite varied if that’s something you don’t like. 6.8/10


Oatmeal Blueberry 

Similar to an oatmeal raisin cookie this cookie incorporates blueberries instead of dehydrated grapes. The Cookie pervades a tasteful alternative to oatmeal raisin if you like oatmeal cookies but not the taste of raisins. The chewiness of the oatmeal and then clean bite through sweet tangy blueberries makes this one of my favorite experimental cookies. 7.2/10 



A mix of brownie and cookie, this tasty desert feels a lot more like a desert and less like a snack. It’s soft and chocolatey on the inside with a brownie consistency and crispy and cookie-like on the outside. The baking job here is phenomenal. While personally, the cookie is quite chocolatey, it’s perfect with a glass of milk. However, for those who don’t appreciate chocolate or dark chocolate, this might not be for you. 7.6/10



The gingersnap is a heavenly full body experience from the sound of the sugar echoing through to your ears to the gingery taste to the perfect cookie consistency. This cookie has healing effects. 8.1/10


M&M Cookie

All I can say is well done. Bakeshop takes the traditional M&M cookie steps up and hits it out of the park. The texture is perfect with the right amount of M&Ms to feel chocolatey and sweet but not over the top. And the texture is perfect moving from soft to compact. No complaints except that it’s not very creative, but an oldie that gets done to perfection. 8.5/10


To have with your cookie…

Mint Limeade 

Refreshing and perfect for a hot day this drink has an excellent combo. Made with mint so it feels authentic too . Unfortunately the mint can be overpowering at times. 8.3/10