Matters of the Heart: Edition 1

Abby Crespin and Molly Moore

Still in need of love advice? Here is the form for our future parts. (Graphic by Eva Williams)

Last year, The Lasso started this column for those in need of advice in all matters of the heart. Following that legacy, here is our continued attempt to answer the inquiries on the mind of Meridian High School’s students.


I have a friend who’s been talking to this guy for months and she really wants him to take her to homecoming.  The catch is he is only taking her because everyone asks if he is. What should I do? She doesn’t know the truth but it will really hurt her. HELP

That’s tough! The most important thing is to be there for her no matter what. If you can, make sure he is honest about him just asking her as a friend. Don’t let the guy play with her feelings. It’s much better for her to hear the truth and for you to support her. 


I literally don’t know how to interact with guys I like. Like, I can’t talk to boys. I get all insecure and feel like a waste of space and freeze up

First of all, this is so relatable and you are absolutely not alone. It’s very important to know your worth and feel confident in yourself as you are beginning to talk to people. Confidence is key.. Don’t let validation of others determine your worth, whether it’s romantically or socially, but rather find your worth in who you are as a person. Additionally, don’t hyperfocus on the romantic aspect with that person, instead just focus on getting to know them and if you have a connection things will fall into place naturally. 


I have a crush on a new person at school. She’s in like half of my classes and we only talked a few times. She’s really pretty and super nice. I want to ask her for her social media but I’m not sure how 🙂 

Talk to her! If she’s in your classes that’s perfect. Try to talk to her about the class and then gear the conversation elsewhere. You can use homework or projects as an excuse to get social media, but try to be as natural as possible. Most importantly, do not stress too much, it will work out if it’s meant to. 


I know this isn’t love related, but what is a good way to make new friends as an introvert?

Find people who you can connect with over a common interest. Sports, clubs and even shared classes can really help. Talking to others can feel very intimidating, but once you find the right people it won’t matter. Keep in mind, if you are with the right people, you won’t feel judged or drained when you spend time with them. 


Hi. There is this one kid in one of my classes who is really cute and seems really nice but I’m pretty sure he likes another girl. I have only known him since the beginning of school so I know he doesn’t like me but I just don’t know how to start talking to him and make it not weird. Please help – anonymous

Just start talking to him and get to know him as a friend. Don’t put too much pressure on it and just see where things go. As long as he is single and you guys have a connection, everything else won’t matter. 


When is Valentine’s day????????????? – Ben McCracken

Hey Ben! Valentine’s day is on February 14! Thanks for asking!