Our Thoughts on All Too Well: The Short Film

Editorial Board

Thanks to those who tuned in for our coverage of “Red (Taylor’s Version).” It’s been an emotional few days! (Graphic by Eva Williams)

The whole editing team of The Lasso is here to close out coverage of “Red (Taylor’s Version).” A huge thank you to Ms. Lietzen, our readers, and the one and only Taylor Swift. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this (arguably overboard) spotlight on the album of the week. (We have to say week because of the upcoming ADELE RECORD! What a month for music.) 

Sam: I was strapped to a chair and forced to watch that video against my will. I wasn’t really watching the film as much as I was watching my classmates watch the film. Eh. It was fine. I don’t really see the appeal. Watching my friends’ reactions made me understand why Taylor Swift has so much money.

SIDE NOTE: I follow a Twitter account that photoshops pictures of Paddington into movies. Here is Paddington in the “All Too Well” film. I wasn’t sure who to share this with, so I wrote it down in a Google Doc to be published on the Internet. Sorry. 

Clara: Taylor Swift IS the music industry. I am a Swiftie to the point where it might be a problem (it isn’t). I have so many opinions on Jake Gyllenhall, most of them being negative. This is mostly because I don’t understand how someone could treat Taylor Swift so terribly to the point where he’s skipping her 21st birthday party?! Swift was clearly in love with Gyllenhall and watching Sadie Sink portray this was perfect, her acting was absolutely top notch. The scene where she’s weeping in her bed?! WOW. The opening scene where Sink says, “I don’t know, I just feel like maybe I made you up.” That MOVED ME. She looked so happy. Not only did Sink pull off a young Taylor wonderfully, but Dylan O’Brien’s ability to act out gaslighting so well was almost concerning. If you are ever concerned that you are being gaslit, please do yourself a favor and watch the “All Too Well” short film. 

Eva: I could write pages on Jake Gyllenhaal, but Sam said there’s already too many Taylor Swift pieces. I’ll say this: Jake seems problematic, the relationship seems problematic, and I think it’s good that he ended it. Even if he ended it pretty unkindly. I’m really impressed by this video (and by really impressed, I mean I’ve watched it at least once a day upon its release), and truly amazed by the acting leads. Sadie Sink brought innocence and loving awe and a slight air of immaturity to every scene, and Dylan O’Brien brought even more immaturity and little sympathy and a lot of flannels. The cinematography was stunning, the music was perfection, and the fight scene haunts my dreams! Thanks to Taylor for yet another win. You keep getting better. 

Megan: To be honest, I’m not the biggest Swiftie, but after listening to the re-recording of “Red,” I may have to become one. I really enjoy Taylor’s older country music, but I haven’t been impressed with her recent albums (an unpopular opinion, I know). The ten-minute version of “All Too Well” was a treat I never knew I needed. I have watched this video at least two times a day since it came out. Prior to this video, I thought Jake was a meh actor, and now, all I want to do is yell at him. I don’t think that it’s a coincidence that he gaslit Taylor and his character gaslights a child in “Spiderman: Far From Home.”

As a fan of both “Stranger Things” and “Teen Wolf,” I love the pairing of Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien. Their acting and chemistry was excellent in this video. I didn’t think I could ever be mad at Dylan, but this video proved me wrong. Also I need Sadie to drop her skincare and hair routines, she was absolutely gorgeous. 

The short film premiered in New York last Friday. (Angela Weiss/AFP via Getty Images)

Isabel: On the “Swiftie-to-not-Swiftie” spectrum, I think that I fall smack dab in the middle. I am appreciative of Taylor’s popular hits and I think she is a talented musician, but I wouldn’t call myself a true fan. Going into this I didn’t have a whole lot of thoughts on the whole Taylor/Jake conflict, but upon finishing I sure did have some opinions. Firstly, I think Dylan O’Brien acted his role extremely well. Even in parts with no dialogue, I could feel the manipulation and disrespect oozing through the screen. Sadie Sink was also excellent and I am honestly just a fan of everything she does. After watching the short film I’ve definitely been converted to a bit of a Jake Gyllenhaal hater. I’m not interested enough to truly hate him, but I’m glad I watched the video just so I can keep up with all of the TikToks I see on the situation! Even if you aren’t pro or anti Taylor Swift, the “All Too Well” short film was entertaining and I think Blondie killed it. 

Stella: Please, hold your judgement until the end. I’m not a Swiftie and I have never understood the obsession over Taylor Swift’s music, whether it be old, new, or (Taylor’s Version). However, out of respect for two of my favorite actors, I willingly watched the “All Too Well” video starring Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien. And I loved it. While I don’t understand the entire story behind Taylor Swift’s previous relationships, the short film was entertaining and clearly meaningful, both because of Swift’s great lyrics and Sink and O’Brien’s amazing acting. When pulled into the conference room to watch this again, I was certainly not displeased and may have sung along and/or yelled at Sam to pay attention.

Audrey: We made Sam watch the music video with us in the conference room and he said halfway through the thing, I kid you not, “wait – is this about Taylor Swift?” 

Truman: Hey guys. Disclaimer, I am not a huge Taylor Swift fan, and I do enjoy a number of Jake Gyllenhall’s films (I recommend “Nightcrawler”). However, in light of this recent short film and the things that transpired between the two of them, I can feel that I can definitively say that this was a jerk move on Jake’s part. Not a fan of that. Again, he’s been in some great movies. But not a great guy apparently. Maybe that’s why he’s so good at playing characters such as Lou Bloom and Quentin Beck, who are also huge turds.