A look into the 13 Days of Spirit

Kylie Moffatt, Staff Reporter

There are just two more weeks until Winter Break! Winter Break is quickly approaching and Meridian students are looking forward to two weeks of blissful days off school. But before all of that, we have 13 Days of Joy to make school more bearable. Though we have already missed two days, it’s better late than never.

December 6: Candy Cane Day

This one is pretty self-explanatory. You get to be creative with red and white and stripes or you could just dress up as a candy cane.

December 7: Tinsel Tuesday

To those of you who don’t know what tinsel is, it’s strips of shiny paper whether silver, gold or any other color and it wraps around your Christmas tree. For this day you get to get creative and do anything with tinsel, you can put it in your hair, wear a sweater with tinsel on it, or you could put it on your shoes. Let your imagination run wild. 

December 8: Holiday Character Day

I guess today you just dress up as some holiday character, like Santa, the Grinch, Frosty the Snowman, a reindeer, Scrooge. There are an unnatural amount of holiday movies to choose from. 

December 9: Cute Sweater Day

Simply wear a sweater that is not plain but not as ugly as an ugly Christmas sweater because that’s tomorrow. Oh, and it has to be holiday-themed because everything else is.

December 10: Ugly Sweater Day

Now you can wear your ugly sweater. Meridian is going to be a mess of colors, holiday figures, and sparkles.

December 13: Holiday Hats and Masks

Wear hats and masks that are holiday-themed or colored. It’s your choice.

December 14: Candy Land Day

Nearly everyone played this board game in their youth with gingerbread men and a wide variety of other characters, but it’s somewhat unclear how this could be a spirit day. Maybe you could dress up as some kind of candy or one of the gingerbread markers.

December 15: Winter Sock Wednesday

Be ready to show off your fluffiest, most colorful, most holiday-themed socks ever. This is the one day of the year where it is okay to wear your socks over your pants.

December 16: Winter Formal

This one leaves room for interpretation. You can come to school wearing winter-themed formal clothes, clothes that are formally for winter, or you could just come into school dressed as a snowman. You choose.

December 17: Twas the Night Before… PJ Day

Everybody already wears PJs to school but now it’s official. And might I add that this day has the best name out of all the days.

This calendar was made through a collaboration between the staff throughout the school system with the intent to get everybody in the holiday spirit and ready for the much-needed break to come.