What’s the scoop on Lil’ City Creamery?


The storefront of Lil’ City Creamery on W. Broad Street. (Photo by Kylie Moffatt)

Kylie Moffatt, Staff Reporter

We’ve all been to that special ice cream shop located in the heart of Falls Church City on a hot summer day. The one with retro figurines crowding the walls, pictures, and posters covering all empty space, and of course ice cream that everyone loves. The Lil’ City Creamery was opened in 2015 by Mr. Jeff Goldberg. It’s the only ice cream exclusive shop in Falls Church out of the multitude of frozen yogurt shops.

Although the Lil’ City Creamery opened in 2015, Mr. Goldberg’s ice cream selling adventure began 20 years ago in Rehoboth, Del. Mr. Goldberg and his wife were vacationing at the beach when they stopped at an ice cream shop for a scoop. 

“[My wife] declared her scoop of butter pecan ice cream the best she’d ever had. I agreed, it was pretty good,” he said. 

Five years later, Mr. Goldberg and his wife were vacationing in Fenwick Island, Del. Walking across from the beach they found a storefront available for rent and inspiration instantly struck. Why not sell that super creamy, homemade, summer cure at a beach where people eat ice cream more than they eat normal food? There was only one small problem: Mr. Goldberg lived in Va. and would have a long commute. 

To close the large gap, they decided to only operate the shop during the summer. They would move down to Fenwick Island for the summer season, when Mr. Goldberg’s wife would drive up to Delaware to open the shop, which first opened in 2004.

Mr. Goldberg ordered ice cream for their Fenwick Island store from a family-run farm in New Jersey, which has operated since 1796. “[The farm raises] Jersey cows, the brown ones. They’re grass-fed and super pampered, with minimal stress. This, in turn, produces a rich milk that is used to make ice cream right there at the farm. As far as freshness goes, it doesn’t get any fresher.”

After his Fenwick Island location closed down in 2009, Mr. Goldberg knew he had to keep an ice cream business operating. In 2015, he found more inspiration while driving down Route 7. 

“I spied a little shop for rent. I inquired but didn’t hear back. Finally, I got a call, asking ‘am I still interested?’ Sure.” He was able to open the Lil’ City Creamery in its current location on West Broad Street. It opened with much anticipation and quickly became an iconic meeting place for any season.

The ice cream served at the Lil City Creamery is one-of-a-kind with unique names Turtle, Frozen, and Steam Oil, generating unconventional flavors, from chocolate ice cream with caramel and roasted pecans to mint flavor with crushed Oreos. Even if the different eccentric flavors are not your cup of tea, they serve some simple flavors such as Milk Chocolate, Coconut, and Salted Caramel. 

The only thing more distinctive than the ice cream flavors is the decoration and design of the shop. When you first enter the shop your eyes immediately catch the array of retro figurines and posters on the left wall of the building, designed to help people feel more connected to the store.

“They’re mostly characters from cartoons, comics, and TV from the ’60s, ’70s, some newer, some older, but all seem to strike a chord with someone from time to time,” Mr. Goldberg said. “I like to think the display brings some inspiration to kids that see it as a way to start a collection that’s fun and affordable.” 

Though the shop itself is small and the line frequently goes out the door, that is precisely what gives Lil City Creamery its charm. It has the feel of being a historic ice cream parlor that has become a pillar of this community for years and will continue to be for many more. It is homemade and friendly, classic Little City comfort.

“We bring people together,” Mr. Goldberg said. “We are a meeting place, a gathering place, a celebration place, a consolation place. A place where for many employees, it’s their first job and their first interaction with customers and co-workers. I’d like to think we spread joy and happiness throughout the vicinity of the Little City.”