Ms. Souqi: “One day at a Time”

Elbetel Kiros, Staff Writer

Among the 27 new teachers who have joined the FCCPS community this year, you will find Ms. Bayan Souqi, a first-year teacher who has joined the science department and is teaching all levels of Chemistry. 

Ms. Souqi, a new Meridian chemistry teacher, poses for a selfie. (Photo courtesy of Ms. Souqi)

Ms. Souqi is a native to Virginia who was born in the City of Fairfax, raised in Leesburg, and attended school in Loudoun County. She was raised in a big family — the second oldest of 5 children — and fondly remembers hula hooping and jump roping as a child. After high school, Souqi attended Northern Virginia Community College and completed two associate degrees, one in science and one in education. She then proceeded to continue her studies at George Mason University and graduated with a degree in Chemistry.

Souqi had always been a fan of math, but developed a love for science in middle school that continued throughout the rest of her education. She was very active in her schooling as a kid and always ensured that she properly understood the material she had been given.

“You know that moment when you do something right,” Souqi described as she reminisced on the satisfaction of getting her schoolwork done. 

After examining the teaching world as well as the medical field, Souqi soon realized that the teaching environment was exactly where she belonged. Despite her love for school as a child, Souqi was always dissatisfied with the idea of her teachers using one method to explain the content that students were learning. 

As a teacher, her goal has been to show her students that there are always different approaches to getting to a solution and that they don’t have to be confined to the “right way.”

“[There are] an infinite amount of roads and streets you can go on, just to connect with something,” Souqi said as she emphasized the importance of attacking one problem through several methods. 

She also feels very strongly about ensuring that her students know that her classroom is a safe environment and they should never hesitate to openly communicate with her.

“Besides surviving,” Ms. Souqi humorously said when asked what her goal was for this first year, “I want to make sure that all my students are able to feel like they can come by and easily ask me a question or just talk.” 

After Ms. Souqi had some difficult experiences while applying to schools in different districts, she was encouraged to apply to Meridian by fellow Science teacher, Ms. Psaki, whom she refers to as her best friend.

“I definitely didn’t expect the 42 minute commute,” Ms. Souqi joked when asked how this school year has been going. 

While this is her first year as an official teacher, she previously worked as a long-term substitute for other school districts in Virginia.

Ms. Souki’s progress on her most recent embroidery project. (Photo courtesy of Ms. Souqi)

“You know when you’re swimming and you’re barely touching the floor,” is how Ms. Souqi described her first couple of weeks teaching at Meridian. “I’m taking it one day at a time,” she added as she explained her efforts to have work-life balance, regardless of her busy schedule and many tasks she has to get done.

In her free time, Ms. Souqi enjoys watching television and is currently working on an embroidery project, which she is excited to complete so that she can begin another one. 

Stop by room 517 and make sure to say hello to Meridian’s new addition! She will be sure to greet you with a smile and a counter of exceptionally organized lab equipment.