“Helluva Boss:” A helluva good time

Amity Pratt, Staff Writer

“Helluva Boss,” a dark comedy animated web series, follows the employees of an assassination company. (Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

A few weeks ago, I began watching “Helluva Boss”, a YouTube animated series written by Vivienne Medrano, creator of the hell-oriented show “Hazbin Hotel.”

Helluva Boss is on Vivienne’s YouTube channel Vivziepop. Sadly, there is only one completed season so far, but more episodes will be released throughout the year. The first season is an 8.5/10 and a must-see for anyone who enjoys comedy, musical numbers, and funky characters!

Helluva Boss has a fantastic premise and a simplistic yet intriguing art style! I cannot review this show without talking about its animation. The animated comedy is written, produced, and animated by a small studio. As a result, there were some moments where the animation quality was noticeably lower and choppier (especially in parts of episode 6 “Truth Seekers”). However, the show has many stunning animation sequences and musical numbers, such as “Moxxie’s Bad Trip” in episode six.

The cartoon has outstanding numbers that flow perfectly through the show, displaying the complicated emotions of the cast in a striking mix of perverse, personal, and emotional feelings. The songs never felt depressing and are rather funny in their own right. There was not an episode where I did not laugh a ton!

Helluva Boss is about a demon named Blitzo (who goes by Blitz). Blitz runs Immediate Murder Professionals (I.M.P), an illegal business that specializes in killing living individuals to get revenge for those in hell. During their day-to-day job, Blitz and his friends/co-workers, Moxxie, Loona, and Millie, frequently get into comical and bloody situations. Although Blitz has a successful business, it rests on the shoulders of a wealthy aristocrat named Stolas. Stolas is a royal prince of Ars Goetia, a group of descendants of the 72 demons who assisted Lucifer in his rebellion against God. As a member of royalty, Stolas controls the power of the Grimoire. The Grimoire is a powerful book that grants the reader many abilities, including the ability to travel to the living world.

If you want to watch Helluva Boss and have a helluva good time, you should get into it now because I am getting into some spoilers!

Season 1 centers around the Blitz and Stolas’s relationship difficulties. Unfortunately, Stolas cannot engage in marital, social, and romantic relations with imps like Blitz because of his position within demon royalty. As a result, Blitz must juggle his values, business, and repressed love for Stolas. Throughout the show, Blitz reflects on his past relationship with the demonic superstar Verosika Mayday. Throughout this period of reflection, it becomes clear that Stolas is not the first person Blitz has suppressed feelings for and ignored. The ending scene of “Ozzie’s” (Episode 7 – Finale Part 1) shows that Blitz often regrets not loving those around him when he could have.

Leading into season 2 and part 2 of the season 1 finale, fans of the show wonder if Blitz will break down the walls around him and let himself love Stolas or fall into the loveless trap he has once again set up for himself. As a big fan of Stolitz (Blitz and Stolas’s relationship), I hope we will see more of their relationship and watch it eventually blossom into something more than just friends-with-benefits. Helluva Boss is the most emotional animated comedy I have watched since Raphael Bob-Waksberg’s BoJack Horseman. Whether the audience is watching Blitz break down his barriers or Moxxie struggle with self-approval, the show never fails to represent its characters in a genuine and humanizing manner.

My favorite episode is probably episode 6, “Truth Seekers.” This episode is my favorite because of Blitz and Moxxie’s hilarious responses to being interrogated by the secretive demon-tracking organization D.H.O.R.K.S (I love the name!). I love “Truth Seekers” despite its flaws. Its animated action sequences are incredible, yet choppy and lacking refinement. Nonetheless, I believe the voice actors show their talent in this episode, shifting between a wide range of emotions when voice-acting their characters. What makes “Truth Seekers” my favorite episode is its song, “Moxxie’s Bad Trip.” In my opinion, “Moxxie’s Bad Trip” is the best musical number in the show. Its rhythm is dreamy yet fast, its lyrics are rife with symbolism, and it provides the best insight into Blitz’s character in the entire show. Throughout the number, Blitz is brought closer to Stolas and is gradually chained to him by a dog collar. These chains symbolize Blitz’s belief that his love will only enchain him to Stolas, making him weak and vulnerable to Stolas’s feelings and desires. This beautiful animation sequence finally shows the audience the root cause of Blitz’s artificially created distance from Stolas and Verosika Mayday, further humanizing Blitz’s inability to let others love him. After a fantastic season of animated comedy, the fanbase is left hoping that Blitz will prevail and finally let himself love again.