The Lasso Magazine – Fall 2022

Editorial Board

The Lasso Magazine’s Fall 2022 edition is out now! Read it online on our Issuu page or pick one up around Meridian High School or at many local Falls Church businesses in the coming week.

This edition focuses on the niches of Meridian students, including unique sports, hobbies, jobs, aspirations, and more. Despite the changes in scenery and nomenclature of our high school, the students never fail to create an idiosyncratic atmosphere with their many distinctive and original talents.

As the Editor’s Letter reads, “What our building lacks [in character] is exactly what our student body brings. . . . Exemplary artists, scientists, thespians, philosophers, musicians, and athletes discuss assignments in airplane-lounge-esque hubs, occasionally coming across index cards and mini plastic babies stowed away in couch crevices, the first inklings of history in a school with a new building and new name, complimented by refreshingly familiar student niches.”

Also included in the Magazine are stories on the new School Board calendar, fall and winter sports, “Pippin” the musical, new fall music, and more. Find the Magazine online here or visit Meridian or Falls Church businesses to nab a physical copy!