In need of holiday PJs?

We rated them so you didn’t have to!

Rachel Grooms and Sofia Braverman

Fuzzy Pajama Pants (Photo courtesy of Amazon)

Fuzzy Pajama Pants

These fuzzy PJ pants are super cute and comfy! The design is a solid 8/10 with all of the reindeer and trees. The price is reasonable for pajama pants, and scores around a 9/10 for price. We would totally wear these, as they look cute and cozy and can be worn without judgment year-round! 


Matching Christmas Tree Set (Photo courtesy of Amazon)

Matching Christmas Tree Set

This matching set of family Christmas pajamas are cute, but in all honesty, just cringy. The design is a solid 4/10, as the shirt’s a nice idea but ruined by the pants. Despite this, the price is a 10/10, as it’s more than reasonable for the quantity of items you’re getting. While another family might look cute in this set, we would never wear it ourselves.


Red and Black Plaid Pants (Photo courtesy of Amazon)

Red and Black Plaid Pants

Hands down, these pants count as the most basic holiday outfit. Everyone should own a pair to wear no matter the time of the year. The design is a 7/10 and even better: it comes with pockets!!!!! The Price is a little bit on the costlier side for such simple pants, but it might be worth it for how often you’d wear them.


Hannukah and Christmas Set (Photo courtesy of Amazon)

Hanukkah and Christmas Set 

This holiday set is super cool! The design is most definitely a 10/10, since they combined both Christmas and Hanukkah in a stylish way. The menorah has a cute Santa Claus hat on top and the pants match well with the top., making the set very cute to wear during the holidays. However, the cost of this set is way too much, making it a 0/10 price-wise. If it weren’t for the price, the set would be perfect. 


Fuzzy Onesies with Dog (Photo courtesy of Amazon)

Fuzzy Onesies with Dog

This set is comfy, cute, and even better with the included dog onesie! The design is pretty good at about 8/10. Despite how cute the set is, the price is definitely not worth it, making it a -2/10. Of course, we would wear these comfy pajamas and match them too, if it weren’t for the price. 

Blue Hanukkah Onesie (Photo courtesy of Amazon)


Blue Hanukkah Onesie 

There are no words to describe this. Firstly, the onesie is extremely overpriced at $84 making the cost an automatic -2/10. The design itself isn’t too bad, but the yellow sleeve cuffs completely ruin it, making it a 6/10 on the design scale. We wouldn’t be caught dead wearing this outfit, mainly because of its insane price and weird shape. It was a nice idea, but no one deserves to be made to wear this atrocity.