BSU holds panel on Tyre Nichols

Molly Moore, Managing Editor

On Monday, Feb. 6, the Black Student Union (BSU) held a panel in the Mary Ellen Henderson Cafeteria to discuss the recent death of Tyre Nichols. Mr. Patrick Garland, the teacher-sponsor of the BSU, led a conversation between freshman Olivia Pierre; sophomores Bethany Michael, Joyce Tadesse, Elbetel Kiros, and Kate Yameogo; and seniors Miles Pierre and Jasmine Rodriguez-Black. 

The junior class made up the audience at the panel during Stable Group last Monday, however, the FCCPS production team recorded the panel for other grades to watch and discuss in the following Stable Group. 

The panelists described how the incident made them feel, underlying causes of police brutality, internal bias, and how they think police brutality should be addressed. Many spoke of their own personal fears regarding police brutality while also calling on the audience to consider how their actions impact bias in society. 

Panelists, such as Kiros, worked to provide an insightful conversation about racial bias for the school community. “Our main goal is to have a meaningful conversation about the steps we can take to educate others,” Kiros said. 

The panel also hoped to address unopened dialogue about race bias at Meridian “I want to educate everyone in the school because I feel like our school is a shield from a lot of things happening in the world,” Yameogo said.

Check out these photos from the panel: