What’s up with the last week of school?


See you all next year! (Photo via the Staff Newsletter)

Kylie Moffatt, Staff Reporter

The end of the year is coming and it could not be more obvious. With classes watching movies instead of slide shows, students taking naps before third block, and essay word counts slowly decreasing, the school year is starting to show its age. To help speed up the slowdown, here’s a preview of events happening in these last days of school.

First off, to mark the official beginning of the end, is graduation for the Class of 2023 (congrats, seniors!). However, unlike previous years, there will be no school on graduation day. Students not going to the celebration get to enjoy a taste of summer, and students going get to sit in the hot sun envying the seniors that don’t have school the next day.

Next up is the long awaited last week of school, with learning replaced by an abundance of class parties and movies. Like years in the past, everyday next week, June 12 through 16, will be half days. 

Each day will comprise two, two hour blocks with 15 minutes of Stable Group in between. Monday will be blocks one and three, Tuesday blocks two and four, Wednesday block 5 with a long two hour Stable Group, and Thursday, blocks six and seven. To break from routine, Friday, June 16, students will attend every block for about 30 minutes each, before the final bell of the school year.

Some events that will take place between June 12 and June 16 include a tech wrap up on June 14 and the New Mustang Stampede on June 15. Keep in mind that this year, the iconic Fire Drill Picnic will not be happening, though it will always be remembered.

Tech wrap up will be the time for students not taking a summer course to turn in their computers for updates and storage. This is not required for students enrolled in the summer academy program who have already received the updates.

Organized by the Mustang Ambassador program, The New Mustang Stampede will take place during seventh block on Thursday. Meridian students will get to welcome the rising freshman from Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School. The incoming students will envision their future selves and will experience a tease of their school community for the next four years. 

And that is the last of the events to happen this year. Good luck to the vacationers leaving early and to the seniors leaving forever. The 2022-2023 school year is only 7 school days away from being over and students are already getting in practice for summer vacation.