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Hidden on the second floor: a multimedia treasure

The podcasting equipment in room 205. (Photo by Ryan Degnan)

The second floor of Meridian boasts an incredible library, the beloved Mustang Mug and a studio room full of high-tech podcasting and broadcasting equipment that the majority of students are oblivious to. The technical equipment that you could want, yet it’s hidden away behind the blank walls, black curtains and a plain label outside the door, simply defining the space as Room 205.

Mr. Robert Carey, Assistant Principal of Student Support, said that although it is a valuable space, it doesn’t get the use that it deserves. 

“Right now not everyone is aware of its potential and that they can use it,” Mr. Carey said. 

Inside room 205 is a set of high quality video, sound, and podcasting equipment along with a room called the “creative space” in which students produce their own podcasting content. 

For such a great space to work, it needs funding. According to Michael Timpane, a videographer and studio supervisor, Falls Church City Television is funded quarterly by Verizon and Cox. The money is directly used to improve and maintain the quality of equipment available for use and originates from taxpayers, goes to city revenue, and is then budgeted for public access television and FCCTV. 

The camera equipment in room 205. (Photo by Ryan Degnan)

Timpane described the recording room as “a fully functional multi-camera studio, with full 4k resolution.” 

Currently, there are only three total classes using the space: Madame Katia Taylor’s French class and two IB history classes. The room and its equipment have proven to be an incredible resource for school projects. Right now, the classes that do use it create mock commercials, news panels, and podcasts to showcase the material that they learned in their lessons. 

One of Meridian’s clubs, MHSTV, uses room 205 regularly at almost a weekly rate to produce their monthly episodes. These episodes can be accessed through their youtube channel, or by asking your stable group teacher. 

“It’s a pretty calming environment and we use it for a lot of different things. We use it for MHSTV, outside coordinators come to film stuff, and we’re trying to start podcasts as well,” said sophomore and member of MHSTV, Ashe Stoner.

Students and teachers can use the FCCTV studio room for educational or club-related purposes at any time during school hours. If you would like to use the room, you can sign up in person or through their website.

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