4 great things about GM we take for granted


Sophomores (left to right) Taylor Cannon, Isobel Lu, and Rex Dematteis cozy up in the junior alcove. (Photo by Sierra Sulc)

Editorial Board

Each week, the Lasso Editorial Board will comment on an issue that is relevant to the students at George Mason High School. We strive to present a student-oriented opinion about topics big and small that matter to all of Mustang Nation.

Coming to school every day isn’t always exciting. We get it. But the Lasso thought we should call attention to some of the things that make coming to GMHS everyday worth it; many of which we tend to take for granted.

The teachers are great

Club sponsor and Mason IB Economics and history teacher Mr. Chris Pikrallidas talks to the Entrepreneurs’ Club members on February 17th at one of their most recent meetings. The leaders discussed the Lasso’s interest in working with the club to take pictures and their upcoming plans for the month of March. (Photo by Rebecca Horovitz).
Mason IB Economics and history teacher Mr. Chris Pikrallidas talks to some of his students. (Photo by Rebecca Horovitz).

The exceptional academic reputation of George Mason High School rides almost entirely on the backs of its teachers. Our very own educational innovators manage to maintain a reputation of helpfulness and compassion across the board, despite being tasked with the grueling job of keeping us students focused and on task throughout the day.

“The teachers here are really kind, and they seem genuinely happy to help,” sophomore Baker Reid said.

“Teachers always take the time to meet with us after and before school, even though they have … well … lives too, I guess,” sophomore Arman Leal said.

“Teachers are always there for us [during] Mustang Block,” freshman Zack Biegel said.

The retro vibe

Who said having an old school didn’t come with any perks? With new plans on the way for renovation and renewal, we should acknowledge that despite, or perhaps in part because of, the leaky ceilings our building has quite the personality.

“I love the character of our school, especially the ‘60s era bathrooms and basement,” freshman Pauline Bonner said

“I like the graffiti on the bathroom doors, especially the funny things written,” senior Morgan O’keefe said.

“I love the way the school is painted,” senior Grace Johnson said. “It makes me feel happy.”

“I also like that the mold isn’t as bad anymore,” she added. “[Although] the mold we still have adds character.”

“The color scheme could be worse,” Biegel said.

The students are awesome

A mural in the hallway.
Murals such as this one near HRL Room help to provide character and color to the halls of George Mason. (Photo by Colter Adams)

At a culturally diverse school like Mason, students have all sorts of different beliefs, come from all sorts of places and backgrounds, and possess all sorts of varying interests and passions. What unifies us however is our appreciation for the freedom to express these things. Most at Mason could say that they feel that our school empowers and inspires students truly express themselves.

“There are tons of state department kids at Mason, and it’s really cool to hear everyone’s crazy international stories,” said freshman Eva Wiser.

When asked what he thought was special about Mason, senior Christian Ross, said, “look around the Cafeteria!”

“Everyone here is free to express themselves,” he continued. “The guy behind you is wearing a bowler hat, those guys on the left are allowed to play their music out loud, and those guys on the right, their computer games in public, and no one, not one person, teacher or student, judges.”

Even the first year students feel welcome.

“Everyone here is nice. I have never been thrown into a locker,” freshman Natalia Freden said.

All the extra stuff available to students

Several students decorate cookies
Members of the Best Buddies club work to prepare for a Holiday party. (Photo Credit: Rebecca Horovitz).


George Mason sponsors dozens of clubs, teams, and organizations for students to participate in, as well as the opportunity for students to easily create their own groups. Mason also provides unique classes like Theory of Knowledge (TOK), Film Studies, Photography, Journalism, International Relations, (and more) that don’t fit in the conventional curricular mold. This is something many students feel makes George Mason a fantastic school to attend.

“Mason provides a ton of opportunities to get involved in clubs. At my old school, we didn’t have a lot of chances to participate in after school groups,” Leal said.

“Students have tons of chances to pursue their own interests,” freshman Tyrell Moore said.

“I really love all of the non-core classes outside of math, and English and the usual subjects,” junior Nathan Horn said. “It’s a really unique thing about this school.”