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Halloween themed paintings on the windows of Founders Row. (Photo by Evy Shamber)

Fall windows showcase autumn enthusiasm

Evy Shamber, Staff Writer October 26, 2023

Every fall, families, friends, and clubs around Falls Church come together to paint the windows of local businesses with Halloween decorations. They spread the Halloween spirit across the windows of various...

A collective bargaining agreement has recently been instituted in Falls Church Schools, and while teachers have mixed opinions, the outlook is generally positive. (Graphic by Anna Goldenberg)

Teachers react as Falls Church releases new collective bargaining resolution

Anna Goldenberg, News Editor May 8, 2023

In May of 2021, the Virginia General Assembly passed a law that allowed cities, counties, towns, and school boards to engage in collective bargaining with their employees, as long as the local government...

The Little City’s best small businesses

The Little City’s best small businesses

Madison Keelen, Staff Writer March 2, 2023

Small businesses have always been central to the heart and soul of Falls Church City. These businesses provide amazing products and contribute to the communal environment of our little city. Each business...

The Unity March happened.

2021 Unity March reaffirms Falls Church’s commitment to equity

Sam Mostow, Editor-in-Chief June 15, 2021

Neither a rain postponement nor the Brood X cicadas could stop the second Falls Church Unity March. The Students Aligned for Equity (SAFE) club set up and implemented the march, a follow up of last...

(Photo by Isabel Costa)

Pumpkin spicing things up

Isabel Costa and Clara Kasik October 26, 2020

Fall in Falls Church is finally here, and along with Halloween window painting and colorful trees, we have another favorite sign of the season: pumpkin flavored food. We tried out as many pumpkin flavored...

Demonstrators march down Great Falls street. I was super surprised by the volume of people that were there, said junior Umika Pathak. (Photo by Charlie Adams)

Video: Falls Church Black Lives Matter Unity March

Charlie Adams and Colter Adams June 5, 2020

The Lasso put together a video of the Falls Church Black Lives Matter Unity March on June 4, using footage of the event, interviews with organizers and speakers, and an original score. For more...

Hundreds walk in Falls Church Black Lives Matter march

Hundreds walk in Falls Church Black Lives Matter march

Charlie Adams and Sequoia Wyckoff June 4, 2020

On Thursday, June 4, hundreds of George Mason students and other Falls Church community members participated in the Falls Church Black Lives Matter Unity Walk. The event was organized by sophomores...

Two men, one standing with a guitar, the other sitting and playing a shaker, play for a crowd at the market.

The Farmer’s Market: a Falls Church City tradition

Liam Timar-Wilcox, Managing Editor November 21, 2019

The Falls Church Farmers Market is an important part of the Little City and is a popular place to buy fruit, produce, meat, baked goods, and more from local sources. The market is held every Saturday from...

Families lounging around the park during the day

Falls Church adds pocket park to Broad

Emma McDonald, Staff Reporter September 30, 2019

This summer a small “pocket park” was placed on the 100th block of W. Broad Street to the left of Hot N’ Juicy Crawfish and the Little City Creamery ice cream shop.  The park is placed on top...

Photo of a café

Northside Social: Falls Church’s Newest Coffee Spot Reviewed

James Weichert, Contributor September 24, 2018
You come back from your summer break and you’re looking to start the new school year on the right foot. That means new school supplies, new clothes, and a perhaps even a new study routine. If that’s the case, why not take an hour or two to visit Northside Social, the newest coffee shop in The Little City. The café, which doubles as both a bakery and full-service restaurant, opened this June.
A mother wraps her son in bubble wrap.

Dear Falls Church parents: chill out

West Hagler, Staff Reporter September 18, 2018
wish I was a kid during the 1980’s. Not because of the mullet, leg warmers, corny romantic comedies, or the Pet Shop Boys (those I can do without). Instead, I wish that my friends and I could have the freedom that so many of our parents experienced.
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