The ideal Taylor Swift Eras Tour setlist

Clara Kasik, Managing Editor

I feel blessed to be one of the seemingly few Swifties that got tickets to the Taylor Swift Eras Tour (shoutout Mia Mayer!) With that, all 229 of her released songs will most likely not be on the setlist for her upcoming tour, so there are a handful of songs I would absolutely love to hear live this spring in Philadelphia. If I was Taylor Swift and I was going on tour just for Clara Kasik, this collection of songs would be the ideal setlist for the Eras Tour. 

Tickets to Taylor Swift’s upcoming tour recently went on sale. (Graphic by Clara Kasik)

Opener: Karma

Considering the last time Swift went on tour, she was getting ready to have her music sold by another, Karma seems like a message to Scooter Braun basically telling him to screw himself because Swift has come so far in the past four years. The song would get the crowd excited for the rest of the show to come, the happy song would remind everyone (me) how amazing it is to be there!

Our Song

Classic country Taylor. We (I) must see if she brings back the fake southern accent!

Love Story

This song blasted Swift from country music star to mainstream pop musician. Everyone has nostalgia associated with this song mostly because it is the song that put Ms. Swift on many of her fans (me) radars.

The Way I Loved You

A true Swiftie anthem. I can picture everyone in the stands screaming, “and I feel perfectly fine, but I miss..” It’s a fun song and I’d like to hear it.

Dear John

This is my favorite Taylor Swift song. It’s not a want. It’s a need.


Another Swiftie staple! Please don’t be playing something else, please don’t have another song on the queue.

All Too Well 10 minute version

We hate J*** G*********.


I would really enjoy hearing how Swift approaches performing the abrupt mood/energy change live. 

Out Of The Woods

One of the greatest bridges in music history?! Yes, please!

New Romantics

The bonus track that deserves justice! This song just screams 1989 era Taylor, I feel it encapsulates the entire album.

Don’t Blame Me

Real Swifties love this one. What I would give to sing, “Oh, Lord, save me, my drug is my baby, I’ll be using for the rest of my life” in the same place as Taylor herself.


Real talk, this song on the piano is beautiful. I’m thinking of a piano moment for Taylor with this one.


I love folklore, but it doesn’t really fit with the energy I’m going for in this setlist. Because “betty” is her most upbeat song from this album and we of course just honor the cultural reset that was folklore, it’s my personal choice.

champagne problems

Time to get into our feels.


Forget feelings, we are bejeweled and this is so fun!

Midnight Rain

Rest in Peace Taylor2. I just really like this song, I love the contrast Taylor Swift provides for herself and Taylor Lautner because every analogy is so creative.

Finale: Long Live

Stop. I will cry if I hear this. I will bawl if she plays it last. Swift released this song over ten years ago, referencing the moments she felt when performing as a young artist. She had so much more coming for her that she could have never anticipated, playing this song would be a real full circle moment for her fans (me), and Swift herself.